Peter Bobek, one of the most prominent Czech and Slovak tattoo artists of his generation, opened his first studio in the Slovak town of Malacky already in 1999. After he moved to the Czech Republic two years later, he was tattooing in Brno (Dragoon) and Prague (Tribo), starred as a guest in many reputable studios (in England, Belgium, Sweden, etc.) and won numerous awards at Tattoo Conventions throughout Europe, he opened in 2011 his own studio once again, where he could express himself according to his visions... this time right in the heart of the magical city of Prague.


Since that time, Bobek Tattoo has become a sought-after point of interest for modern graphic tattoo art lovers from all around the world. Gradually, other talented tattoo artists with their own original creative style joined Peter, like Petra Hlaváčková, Jan Mráz, Martin Routa, and most recently Dan Ko. In order to expand our offer, share inspiration and experience, since 2012 we started to host other top-class talented tattoo artists from Europe and overseas, which revealed to be greatly appreciated and pushed us a bit further again. Due to the recent expansion of our crew, we are currently forced to somehow limit our program of guest artists in 2017, however, we will continue to strive to offer our customers the best of the dynamically developing contemporary tattoo scene...


Peter Bobek and other resident artists work solely with their own designs and usually prefer larger pieces, although they do not avoid smaller interesting projects as well, always with an emphasis on aesthetics of the result respecting the wishes of our customers.


5 resident tattoo artists and guests from all over Europe, all great artistic talents with creative skills and unique styles, a pleasant environment and personalized approach – that’s Bobek Tattoo !!