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How to book

How to book appointment here:


If you are interested in getting a tattoo from us, pls send a short but clear description of your project to our email, in these simple points:


1. ARTIST (yes, you have to choose one)

2. WHAT (main idea and basic components)

3. WHERE and SIZE (place and dimensions)


5. PICTURES (you can attach few reference picts, but be aware that our artists don’t work with someone else’s designs and don’t make copies, not even of their own work). 


The waiting period is usually about 1-3 months (depending on the artist and actual circumstances), a small tattoo can be sometimes done earlier. After the artist accepts the project and you pay the deposit, you will get an appointment. Sometimes we have to close our booking (for some of the artists), so in the meanwhile it may take a few weeks to get an answer, but once we receive your request you are immediately on the waiting list.


As for cover-ups, they might require a few laser treatment sessions. We don’t do touch-ups or completion of someone else’s unfinished work, the same goes for copied designs... we only make our own original art on a clean skin. If you want to continue with the piece you already have, pls send us the reference photo.


Pls discuss the price of your project directly with your tattoo artist, come for your appointment alone and pls note that we don’t send designs via email.



Thanx a lot for cooperation.. cheeers!  Bobek Tattoo crew

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